How to wire a 5 pin rocker switch

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How to wire a 5 pin rocker switch

Wiring in or installing any automotive application can be the difference between an enjoyable outdoors experience or a forgettable one. Ensuring that your vehicle is wired up correctly can save you from finding yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere or from rocking up to your campsite with warm beer in the fridge.

Wiring rocker switches correctly will help you stay on top of your 12v system. In this post we will discuss how to wire your 5 pin rocker switch correctly so that you can have confidence in your 12v setup.

 5 Pin Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram

Equipment required:

  1. Crimper (optional)
  2. 5 x female connections
  3. Electrical wire

Step 1:

Identify where you will be placing your accessory (low voltage interior led light strip) and where your switch will be located.

Step 2:

Run your positive and negative wire from your led light to the location of your switch. (If this requires you to run wires outside the vehicle, use suitable conduit to protect the exposed wires).

Step 3:

Run wires from your power source (battery) to the location of the switch. It is recommended that the power source is fused with a 20A inline fuse.


 Step 4:

Cut a 10cm length of black electrical wire and strip 1cm from each end. Crimp one end of the wire to a female connector. Twist uncrimped end of cable with the earth (negative) wire coming from power source. Crimp two wires together to a female connector. Connect single wire to terminal 7 and the joint wires to terminal 8 as pictured.

Step 5:

Repeat the process from step 4 with a red electrical wire. Connect single wire to terminal 6 and the joint wires to terminal 2 as pictured.

Step 6:

Using power wire from accessory (led light) strip 1cm of wire. Crimp female connector to the striped wire.

Step 7:

Run negative wire from accessory (led light) to the negative terminal from the power source(battery or fuse block).

Note: Pre-made wires are available for rocker switches if you do not have access to the required equipment listed.

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There are several different types of rocker switches available on the market and if you would like further information on this, please read our What is a rocker switch? blog. In this post, we discuss "how to wire a 5 pin rocker switch to a led light". This is seen in applications including camping lights for caravans and 4wd’s, deck lights in boats and many other applications.