How to wire a battery voltage monitor

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How to wire a battery voltage monitor

Battery management is a vital part of any 12 volt system. Voltage monitors allow you to check your battery levels quickly and easily. As with all 12 volt accessories, it is important that the battery monitor is correctly installed so you get an accurate voltage reading.  

Equipment required:

  1. Crimper
  2. 2 x female connections
  3. Electrical wire


Step 1:

Identify where you will be placing your battery voltage monitor.

Step 2:

Run your positive and negative wire from your power source to the location of your battery monitor. (If this requires you to run wires outside the vehicle, use suitable conduit to protect the exposed wires). If you are wanting the voltage monitor to only work when the vehicles auxiliary power is running, your power source will need to come from the vehicles existing 12 volt system.

Step 3:

Strip 1cm of negative wire. Using your fingers, twist the stripped part of the wire so the exposed wire doesn’t fray. Slide female connector over the exposed wire and firmly crimp. Repeat this process for the positive wire.

Step 4:

Attach the wired female connectors to the battery monitors pins. Your battery voltage monitor will now read your batteries voltage.


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